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Today is just another day, or maybe it's even your lucky day. Maybe you wake up in time to hear your favorite song on the radio. Maybe you find a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk during your morning commute. No matter what everyone you pass greets you with a smiling face. The city is at peace, but you can’t shake the feeling that something doesn't feel quite right. It's almost as though something isn’t exactly as you remember...but that's silly, isn't it? Everything else is still the same. You're surrounded by the same buildings and people you've always known. All of the comforts of home are right at your fingertips. Are you feeling all right? Maybe you should take it easy today. Rest assured, there’s really nothing to worry about at all…

Recollé is a pan-fandom mem-loss and regain game taking place in a modern setting. On an Earth similar to the one we know, characters live out their daily lives as they believe they always have. However, it soon becomes clear that this world isn't as familiar as they think it is. With an ever-changing environment and an even deeper mystery to solve, characters must work to not only regain memories of their former selves but to help decide the fate of this and many other worlds lost.
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