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This place was familiar at the time, though she doesn't know the name of it. She's also disoriented, as though she wasn't here previously and isn't sure how she arrived. It's a large town square teeming with people, all wearing armor and wielding swords, maces and daggers.

Suddenly the sky turns red, scores of hexagonal shaped tiles stretching out as far as the eye can see. They flash with the messages WARNING and SYSTEM ANNOUNCEMENT.

In the dead center of the square, something starts to ooze from the between the tiles. It congeals into a single massive form, like a drop of blood dangling over their heads. The liquid takes form, looking like a massive cloak with only hands visible, the face obscured in shadows. The figure speaks, the voice booming around them.

"Greetings, my dear players. I am Akihiko Kayaba and, as of this moment, I am the only human being alive with control over this world.

There's a murmur among the crowd. The name means nothing to her but it's clearly a big deal to everyone else.

"You have likely noticed that the logout button has disappeared from the main menu. This is not a bug. I repeat--this is not a bug. This is a feature of Sword Art Online. From this point forward, you will be unable to freely log out of the game until the summit of the castle is conquered."

The voices around her are growing angry, people starting to protest that they had plans, obligations, lives away from the game. I'm not even supposed to be here is the only thing Asuna can think.

"Furthermore, the NerveGear cannot be removed or shut down via external means. If forceful means of exit are attempted, the high powered microwaves emitted by the NerveGear will scramble your brain and shut down your neural processes."

"He can't be serious!"

"He's bluffing!"

"That's impossible!"

There's an undercurrent of fear as images of news articles appear in the sky now. Articles of mysterious deaths connected to the NerveGear.

"At present, the friends and family of several players have already ignored these warnings and attempted to forcefully remove their NerveGears. The result being that, sadly, two hundred and thirteen players have already been permanently retired from both Aincrad..."

Asuna's eyes go wide, her breath quickening.

"...and the real world."

The panic courses through her entire body now. She's never played video games before, and now her life depends on it. She wraps her arms around herself and falls to her knees, one though repeating over and over again.

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die.

Asuna Memory 001

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There's a haze over everything. At first, the only thing Asuna can make out is the massive tree at the heart of the island. It's so large that she has to scramble over the roots to move across the island. She's panicked... no, that's not right. But her heart is pounding and there's a hollow feeling at the pit of her stomach. She doesn't know what happened before she arrived here, but something has frayed her nerves.

Only then, through the fog, does she see Yuuki in the distance. She looks the same, though she's wearing armor, a sword strapped to her side. Asuna runs to her, a feeling of relief. Was she expecting to never see her again?

Everything else comes in bits and pieces. She reaches out to pull Yuuki into a tight hug. They're both crying, but they both seem grateful.

" wasn't a burden, not in the least..." It's her own voice first. "I'm so happy I was able to meet you and help you."

The words are indistinguishable until Yuuki speaks.

"I'm so happy I came here and got to meet you, so very happy," she says, resting her head on Asuna's shoulder. "Just hearing what you said now was enough for me. Now at last, I'm satisfied with everything."

The last impressions of the memory are the tight hug, and the powerful parallel feelings of joy and sadness, though Asuna isn't sure just what they were talking about, or what she said to Yuuki to prompt that response.


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backtagging forever
threadhopping if the thread allows!
fourthwalling n


physical contact you can go for it but his reaction will depend!
bonds eren will most likely only form a true bond with someone he trusts immensely in some way, but feel free to hit me up about that so we can build things up from there! This will also be subject to change in the future to make things purely professional! please also note that if you’re looking to get into a bond with eren through friendship the bond runs the risk of being annulled/abolished in the future. if you’re willing to play that out and maybe work to mending it afterwards, please . . . come to me 👀
romance i am completely all for shipping (m/m, m/f) and would love to if there’s chemistry! as long as you have some patience because eren jaeger is too workaholic to commit himself fully to someone at this moment and might be ridiculously dense at times, but it’s a huge possibility all things talked over! in short: there could be visible dokis he just won’t act on them for a p long time
fighting y
injuries or death same as above but please hit me up to talk so we can get the best out it! especially death because that might not always work (but i do want to eventually kill him at some point)


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Player Information
Name: owlie
Age: 26
Contact: liberos @ plurk
Other Characters: n/a

Character Information
Name: eren jaeger
Canon: attack on titan
Canon Point: chapter 108 flashback
Age: 17 to 20 depending on the canon point!
History: it’s a ride


Since the very start of the series, as a child, and as a teen, Eren has more guts than what can fit in him. We see at the age of ten that Eren has spunk in him, sticking up for friends and fighting bullies twice his size, picking fights with soldiers ( and getting beaten up in return ), or attempting to lift rubble he physically can't in order to save his mother ( and then saying he'd carry her, a fully grown adult ); they are rather large things coming from a ten year old boy. Eren had and continues to have ridiculous courage. To make matters a bit more self destructive, he's impulsive; leaping before thinking that he's ( most of the time ) diving right into his own death— which often leads him into trouble he'll need help getting out of. He jumps head first into danger on many occasions, especially when his comrades are in trouble, earning him the fitting nickname "suicidal bastard".

On top of bravery, Eren is extremely loyal to those he manages to form bonds with; He doesn't have many close friends, but the ones he does have are of extreme importance, so much that he's willing to replace a friend's life with his ( an example being when Armin is about to get eaten by a titan; Eren, with a severed leg, manages to jump into the titan's mouth, grabbing Armin, and throwing him back onto a nearby rooftop-- and consequentially losing his arm and getting swallowed after the titan chomps down on him ). Eren very much wants to be able to rely and trust someone just as he wishes the same for himself as well, and strives to shake Mikasa (an adopted sister figure) off of him, prove that he's capable of fighting and standing on his own two legs, where he feels to an extent that she treats him too much like a child. Now, in relation to himself and others, Eren seems to rely more on his own calls than theirs, especially when those very decisions could mean the life or death of his comrades ( an example: when fleeing from the female titan with levi and his team, eren attempts to bite himself and turn into a titan several times in an attempt to save them, but finally holds back after being convinced that he should trust them and their judgement / what they were planning up ahead. soon after, eren is sent off while the team goes to fight the female titan; he trusts them again, which ends in their deaths, and sends him into a remorseful frenzy to kill the female titan himself ).

Eren has a horribly short fuse, something that perhaps only worsens his impulsive and violent tendencies. It's a trait that, again, isn't something he picked up as a teen, but something he already had as a child. At the age of nine, Eren had managed to kill two adult men, human traffickers, in order to save Mikasa from being sold, violently stabbing the men to death because they "got what was coming". There's a sense of justice that ties in with this; for Eren during this time, there was good and bad— black and white, and the bad get what they deserve. Well, that's the thing. They don't deserve anything, except a one way ticket to eradication. Personally, he used to believe that those who are "bad" don't deserve to live. Those who steal the freedom and hope— dreams of another, should be dealt with, rid of.

But we’ll get further into the switch later.

Coming from a young child, his violent outbursts are a bit disturbing, and by the age of fifteen, Eren has much more anger boiling at his core than any person his age should have ( which still probably comes off as daunting ), but then again, teenagers shouldn't be child soldiers, or do, think, and see what Eren does. They also shouldn't have to see their mother getting eaten alive by towering giants— which is where most of that anger comes from. Since his mother's death, Eren has vowed to annihilate all titans from the world with his very own hands, to kill each and every one as mercilessly and as brutally as possible. His hate for them in the first half of the series can probably fill the entire world thrice over. Though, Eren, while greatly "desensitized" for a fifteen year old cadet is still his age. He's intense ( perhaps a bit too much ). He knows fear, he still feels fear and insecurities, trying to mask it with bravado at times. He's rash. He follows his heart rather than his head. He cries ( a . . . lot . . . kind of . . . ), but his animosity needs to go somewhere, which is where, most of the time, fear doesn't stick around for too long.

Eren is also a soldier, and he takes that quite seriously, and takes any task he’s given seriously. As a child, he looked up to the soldiers of the Survey Corps, referring to them as heroes, respecting ( he respects them a lot, even more so as a soldier under their command ), admiring and striving to one day, join their ranks to take the titans head on. Those who spoke badly of them would get a few angry words from the fury-filled child, even a kick are a smack over the head, and those that opposed the thought of his potential enrollment would have to butt heads with him ( re: mom ).

Despite the military discipline ( obey orders, ect— that continues to improve as time goes on ), Eren tends to show a lack of self-restraint at times. Similar to his impulsive actions, he usually speaks his mind bluntly, verbalizing what comes to thought without much regard when it comes to who it is ( with an exception of those he highly respects, such as high ranking officials, where he tends to have, or try, more control ). He'll criticize the lazy and those who ignore their duties, nearly looking down on those that don't stand and fight for themselves. Thus, what he says may not be the most polite of things, or even kind— it's something that can be confused with disrespect, but it's really just a lack of filter beforehand. He’s honest, and doesn’t particularly mean to hurt with his words, but rather help.

While he may seem a little rough around the edges and unbelievably headstrong, Eren isn't an anti-social kid, and he isn't hostile enough to be considered unapproachable— he's actually a very supportive person with those he can consider a friend, and will be at their side for quite possibly anything! If there's someone you can count on, you can count on him. Unfortunately, when it comes to friends and bonds, he's a bit innocent in this aspect, and his trust the most fragile. He is barely capable of accusing a friend or comrade of any horrible, deceitful acts, and even when presented with solid evidence, he continues to have a hard time believing— that is, until he gets it through his skull that he's been betrayed, in which he'll often react violently and hatefully, wishing a very excruciating death and pain upon them by his own hands, as with the identities of the titan shifters (another thing that has changed, though, and like before, we’ll get to that).

Eren lacks talent that other comrades possess. He's not the best; he's aware there are people with fighting skill that surpass his own. He's aware there are people that are physically stronger and faster than him ( and he admires those very people, going as far as to beg them for help )— but if there's one thing that exceeds what he doesn't have put together, it's his perseverance. His unyielding willpower and intense spirit is what makes up for his underlying weaknesses, and every bit of skill he has now was gained by force of mind, determination, and practice. If he struggles, if there's difficulty, he doesn't simply try— he repeats until the results surface. If help is appreciated, he'll take it. He knows when he should and he isn't pretentious to reject aid where it's needed. He goes on, and on, and on until he succeeds, and that, tying in with his other traits, is what can make him extremely dangerous.

He's the physical personification of raw will. Whatever it is, once Eren has his mind set on an objective, no one may be able to convince him otherwise, or even stop him. No one has seen him win, but then again no one has seen him giving up while losing. Whilst drowning in the deep end with just about all odds against him and aware of that— outnumbered, overpowered, what have you— there's only one thing on his mind: fight. He won't give up. As long as it's physically possible, as long as he can keep fighting, he'll keep going. Call him crazy, a lunatic, suicidal— his self-motivation is monstrous and inspirational, and he'll do everything in his power to complete his objectives.

Freedom is important to Eren and very much cherished throughout the series. Eren’s mother, Carla, once said something when he was only a newborn and later carries the word like a mantra: there’s something special about all of us: we’re free. because I was born into this world. They ( humans ) were born into the world for a reason, and that reason isn't to be caged, to be locked behind limited walls and live like livestock— they weren't born as cows. The world is vast, with fiery waters, lands of ice, deserts, the salty sea . . . They are things unknown to Eren as a growing child and everyone else behind the walls, and it's a dream of his to be free, experience what the world has to offer, because that's his choice. The ability to choose what you want for you is up to you, no one else— and Eren believes it's his right to decide. He has the right to go where he wants to go, even if its dangerous, to explore his world without fearing for your life. For that, his first goal to destroy all titans had to be achieved, to walk beyond the very walls that cage him in. Soon, this goal makes an unexpected turn with a twist towards their real enemies, especially once Eren finally does make it to the sea: when he arrives and realizes he has yet to be free from the troubles that cage their kind, and questions his comrades with tears in his eyes: "If we kill them, will we finally be free?"

He has enough spirit and determination to truck forward to achieve that, stepping foot into a war for the dream he so desires to fulfill before his time is up— for himself and everyone else who's lives have been terrorized.

People grow as they do change, though, and while I won’t be immediately playing with this, it is a complete heel-turn for Eren’s character development and will be important once further information is given to clarify and a canon update is in view.

One thing that goes largely unnoticed and only gets spotlight during Attack on Titan’s final arc is how deceptive Eren can actually be, when he wants to be. As a child, before killing two adult men twice his size and strength, he tricked them into believing he was simply a crying, lost child that didn’t understand the gravity of a tied up girl behind them. They believed him (and that cost them their lives). He manages to infiltrate an enemy nation, alone, posing as a cripple back from war and remains undetected for years until the moment of his ambush. He gains a child’s trust and uses it, knowingly, in his favor, whether it be to relay letters or lead an enemy straight into a trap.

It’s true that the memories Eren receives from his titan predecessors together with his time in Marley have shaped him into someone who is no longer caged by black and white views— rather, Eren has grown into a man who’s sense of justice has become entirely grey. He expresses that he once thought his enemies were all of those beyond the walls, and earlier promising to kill Reiner and Bertholt, shifters sent from Marley to take the Founder (that resides in Eren) regardless of the stories and troubles forcing them to do what they did.

Eren later explains that he understands what they did, saying with no spite: we’re all the same. I’m the same as you. His vision of good and bad has amplified to the point where he now understands there is no good or bad— only perspectives and different sides of a single coin, and even with that knowledge . . . It doesn’t stop or even slow him from achieving his own goals, even if it meant many would die because of his choices.

It’s not something he wants to do; no one willingly goes to war knowing the hell they’ll go through— mental and physical trauma, loss and more, are all hardships that no one wishes. Some people break down and lose themselves, others find strength to continue. Eren realizes he has to do certain things if he ever hopes for change, and many of those things aren’t to his liking. He takes no pleasure in the choices he makes, but understands that he must for the sake of something greater.

It might be selfish, it might be extreme selflessness, as he essentially throws any dream or quiet life he’d like to have for the greater good— but it isn’t a pool of roses to jump into, and not everyone has the gall to. It’s what makes Eren so special and fitting for the roll he’s given. He can’t stand the thought of lives being lost in complete vain, and even worse if he gives up. Eren Jaeger and “give up” are like oil and water, they don’t and will never mix.

(And what’s worse, one of them is flammable)

Sacrifice is a long running theme in the series, and we see Eren taking this to a drastic level after struggling for so long with it: his attack on the Marlyan city of Liberio was a taste of what he was willing to give up to save the world: he shifts into a titan, under a building of family apartments and sends the structure flying and crumbling, eats a man (who served as the Warhammer Titan’s decoy), and stage throws himself into a crowd of civilians, once, twice almost three times until his target showed herself.

Eren does many, many bizarre things that seem out of character compared to the description above without any deeper context, becoming a complete mystery not only to his childhood friends, but even for readers. He grows distant and detached, able to keep an eerily collected demeanor in situations where emotions would previously flare. He doesn’t tell anyone what his plans are or what he’s thinking, and he doesn’t give leeway for people to accurately speculate (he even confuses his friends, as I’ve mentioned). He’s able to use his words to turn situations against him around, and shows improved prowess in strategy, analysis and impromptu resourcefulness. His earlier brashness in action takes a notable leap as a pro rather than con, especially once tied to quick thinking.

We don’t know Eren’s true reasoning behind killing hundreds in colateral damage to take the Warhammer Titan when he’d previously be against it. We don’t know why he tells Mikasa he’s always hated her, bringing her to tears and causing Armin to strike him when they were best childhood friends. We don’t know why, in a conversation with his brother, he agreed to a plan of euthanasia of an entire race of people when Eren has always been pro-life. Jean mentions that he must have a reason behind his actions— and knowing Eren, this is probably true, especially with the growing speculation that he has his own plans. We just don’t know what they are yet beyond being hinted that it’s something big, and for now, Eren Jaeger maintains one trait that stands strong even in his silence: once he’s put his mind to something, he’ll barrel through anything to get there. His goal is to move forward toward freedom from a curse that can only be stopped one way, which is setting his priorities straight, fighting with ferocity, and most importantly:

Abilities & Skills:

MANEUVER GEAR: equipment that requires special training to master; it puts a lot of strain on the muscles, especially the legs, and requires extensive rule over balance, allowing the user to move in three dimensions with the use of grappling hooks and air canisters for propelling force. Includes the use of disposable blades. While these are all items, as mentioned above, they're items that require unique skill, years of training and ability to use, from the moves needed to stay in the air as well as offensive blade use.

HAND TO HAND COMBAT : during his time as a trainee, Eren was very well trained in hand to hand combat and got his ass handed to him by a girl who had the moves. He has been given the gift of learning these for himself, consisting mostly of punches, throws, disarming techniques and limb/body locks. Out of the 104th trainee group, Eren comes in second best (losing to Mikasa).

MILITARY TRAINING: knife, blade and basic firearm knowledge from between the years 1893 and 1942.

TITAN SHIFTING: Eren is part of a special race of humans with the potential to turn into titans (giants, essentially), called Eldians. They can turn into mindless titans, if injected with pure titan spinal fluid, or, can consciously shift back and forth into a conscious titan if they, as a mindless titan, eat a titan shifter. With Eren . . . He ate his dad 😶

With an injury that draws blood (usually Eren biting or cutting himself) while having a solid goal or belief in mind at the moment of injury can turn Eren into a special, fifteen meter titan dubbed The Attack Titan, specialized in close quarters combat and heavy physical hitting. Eren's human body rests within the nape of the titan's neck as a control center merged with flesh inside, and can emerge freely or be removed forcibly. The titan has rapid regeneration, able to heal injuries and grow back limbs in a matter of seconds to minutes.

Repeated transformations in a short period of time leads to a decrease of control over the titan, as well as lessened size and power. Overuse can cause weakness, nosebleeds and general symptoms of fatigue. If in there for too long, Eren can also run the risk of being absorbed, and would need to be forcibly removed as well.

Titan shifters also gain the ability to regenerate in human form as their vessels do, albeit much slower. It isn't something particularly fast, and regeneration from severe injuries can strain power and energy, preventing him from transforming until properly rested and healed. Other than that, Eren has also gained the ability to harden parts of his body as a titan into a crystal-like structure.

As mentioned earlier, through the unconscious consumption of other titan shifters, the ability of that shifter can be gained (note there are only nine in the whole world). Eren’s case is a complicated one that contains more than one origin: A man named Eren Kruger passed The Attack Titan over to Grisha Jaeger, who then consciously consumed the shifter carrying The Founding Titan, who is able to control the actions of pure titans and Eldians.

Running out of time, (all titan shifters are plagued with a shortened thirteen year lifespan once the ability is gained), Grisha turned his son into a mindless titan and had him eat him. Eren then gained both the Attack and Founding Titan, the latter unable to be used due to it being held by someone with no royal blood-ties.

Later on in the series, Eren successfully consumes the Warhammer Titan shifter, what gave him immense construction and manipulation abilities related to titan hardening. If there’s something that can be shaped— an escape tunnel, a crossbow, spears and so on— Eren can probably make it by extending his titan flesh and hardening it into crystal.

Inventory/Companions: only clothes :)

Choice: monster — dragon

First, for the similarities in not only mindset and personality, but also duty, and all these characteristics tie in almost perfectly with what I have planned for his development.

Fire is the default element when it comes to dragons in usual lore, and has been constantly shown as Eren’s, especially because of what fire stands for: destruction, rebirth, emotion and temper. Passion and hostility follow Eren up and down as a core part of his person. Ferocity on a much larger scale and aggression left unchecked can all prove to be dangerous and what dragons are known for, and what plagues Eren during an earlier canon point, so it poses as a mighty yet fitting challenge on top of his own emotional instability, to guide him into the later canon points in a more organic manner.

The dragon also fits Eren’s canon abilities like a glove— turning into a literal giant power house with potential to bring mass destruction with him. Titan shifters are absolutely rare, with only nine in the AOT-verse and with a curse that shortens the user’s lifespan to thirteen years, slowly killing them; The Cwyld comes to mind in how dragons are most susceptive to the infection, and this not only ties Eren to another form of illness (because I wouldn’t want him to be free of that), but also gives him a pressuring sense of responsibility that I didn’t want to lose (it’s going to be essential to him)!

Lastly, Eren’s battle cry is what usually involves characteristics we see in usual media with dragons. Eren, in personality, heart and grit, is larger than life even when he had no talent to offer, enough that he exists to make change happen through sheer force of will power and determination to get up as many times as he needs to. The dragon fits this and all the grand figures we’ve seen who have fought for freedom. It isn’t about physical strength, but strength of the spirit and mind into something incorruptible— and this idea would ultimately give us the image of something mighty by default.

A dragon is no slave” fits and fits almost excruciatingly well with Eren, because dragons cannot be contained unless it’s by their will alone. Dragons do not dream like men do, because they are dreams. They don’t do— they are. They bow to no one, and what makes them supreme beings of power in the minds of myth is their volition to live the life they so please. Eren Jaeger, through the entirety of Attack on Titan, is raw resolution personified and a symbol of freedom (or at least, someone who goes through all means necessary to achieve it), and the reason why so many have called him a beast in essence; nothing holds him back, even if he’s in chains or in a jail cell. His resolve is abominable, what leads to indestructible ideas and catastrophic actions for those opposing them.

And just as an interesting footnote I found out about recently! The name Eren is of Turkish origin that means “saint”, “holy man” and “he who becomes wise”. It fits, respectively, into Eren’s character as humanity’s only hope and as a person who does ultimately become wise. Thing is, if you look for important dragon figures in Turkey— they all start the name off with Eren (ex. Erensuge, Erenkyle, ect).