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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:24 pm
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WHO: Fynn Izunia, Hitori Togusa, and anyone who feels like testing their shooting skills against the Department champ, Fynn.
WHERE: The Deadeye Shooting Range
WHEN: 6/21
WHAT: Fynn takes on all comers (and teaches Togusa some lessons in the meantime.)
WARNINGS: Being nerds about guns again.

Now that Togusa was back on his feet, he had finally taken Fynn up on his offer for some off-hours shooting lessons. Their evaluation is coming up, is has to be soon, but the Department has kept absolutely silent about when it might be, so Togusa is nervous. He has been practicing here on his own, to try to hide the fact that he needs so much practice to try to keep up with everyone else. But he has hit a bit of a plateau of how much he can improve on his own. So, he'll accept instruction from anyone that's willing to offer it.

Little did Togusa know that this day at the range also turned into an open invitation, for people both within and outside of the Department. When he notices that there are far more people here than he had expected, he realizes this might be a much better opportunity than originally planned.

(OOC: All are welcome! Open log, please feel free to make your own threads, take this any direction, especially if you want this to turn into a competition, I love it.)


Jun. 21st, 2017 11:41 am
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WHO: Ardyn, Fynn, and Grell
WHERE: Ardyn’s house!
WHEN: Forward dated to June 24th. (Saturday.)
WHAT: Introductions and food!

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WHO: Penelope and Freya
WHERE: Pen's Apartment
WHEN: June 19th
WHAT: An important conversation and some other things
WARNINGS: Language, discussion of violence, will update as needed

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WHO: Chloe & Emilie
WHERE: An Ice Cream Parlor in Tisse
WHEN: backdated to 6/13
WHAT: Catching up on recent problems for both friends
WARNINGS: Chloe's memories include death, disturbing behavior by child assassins and indoctrination, just so you're aware.

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WHO: Aki and you!
WHERE: Apprassage, outside of her apartment building.
WHEN: 21/06, early enough in the daytime.

It turns out you can't just humiliate gangsters without them coming back for revenge. The first year she decides to take the day off for her birthday, her apartment is the target of an arson attack, which just so happens to coincide with the date of the honnoji incident for a particularly important memory regain. What a coincidence!

WARNINGS: There will be a memory regain down the line in a planned thread with Sakura ([personal profile] gudaguda) that will deal with suicide, but I will warn for it in the header of the tag too once it happens.

Also this is a hell of a long read under the cut...be prepared.

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WHO: Shouto Todoroki, Izuku Midoriya
WHERE: The beach
WHEN: Late morning, June 18th
WHAT: Training

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WHO: Yato and anyone who saw this post willing to bring food!
WHERE: The Inkwell and (technically) its sister restaurant The Quill.
WHEN: Friday, June 16. Early evening.
WHAT: A... hobo eye-gazing party… but mostly it’s a potluck. Come stare into Yato’s eyes and eat the random dishes everyone decided to bring!
WARNINGS: Existential questions such as Why

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Jun. 19th, 2017 11:38 pm
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WHO: prompto + various
WHERE: around the city
WHEN: throughout the week!
WHAT: dogs, friendship, fights, and blood pacts
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WHO: Shuji and anyone who wants to wish him a happy birthday
WHERE: The Inkwell
WHEN: June 19th, evening
WHAT: Shuji celebrates turning 25 by drinking, as you do.
WARNINGS: None so far!

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WHO: Anybody on the network
WHERE: Utsuki Dojo in Tisse
WHEN: Sunday, June 18 and Sunday, June 25, 6pm - midnight
WHAT: FIGHT CLUB Weapon/self-defense training sessions! Plus the potential beginning of a secret society...
WARNINGS: None expected; will edit if they become necessary

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WHO: Everyone who volunteered to come on the expedition.
WHERE: Recollé Woods
WHEN: June 18th
WHAT: Exploring the woods and seeing what they can figure out about it!
WARNINGS: None anticipated, let me know if this changes! Due to the nature of this log, prompt 1 and 4 will have headers for open mingling and threadjacking (be sure to write in the header if you don't want threadjacking), while prompts 2 and 3 will be open to top levels from it's designated team members, with a chance to make network posts to the other team. If you have any questions, you can PP me at [plurk.com profile] raynestorm!

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WHO: Majima, Kiryu + friends of either of them
WHERE: Club Sunshine
WHEN: 6/17, Afternoon!! (say ~11-4)
WHAT: Majima hosts a birthday party for kiryu!!!
WARNINGS: Just Majima's inability to finish a sentence w/o cursing

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WHO: Freya and Lucy, Minako later
WHERE: Their apartment
WHEN: Saturday Evening
WHAT: Someone takes a hallucinomemory very poorly
WARNINGS: None at the moment

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WHO: Koutarou & You (+1 closed to Lucian)
WHERE: Streets, RRFC, Video Store, and maybe other places
WHEN: 16th & 17th (+cyod)
WHAT: Koutarou’s blood has turned into ink, that’s pretty weird. So you gotta cope with that in some way.
WARNINGS: Some blood ink.

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WHO: Chloe, Mohammed, Victoria & Leo
WHERE: Recolle History Museum
WHEN: 6/16
WHAT: Invasive and Questionably legal investigations
WARNINGS: I'm still abusing Mission Impossible theme songs?

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WHO: Tatsuo Kihara and OTA
WHERE: Utsuki Dojo, Tisse
WHEN: Various evenings throughout the week
WHAT: Tatsuo teaches the beginners adult classes on Tuesday/Thursday (7-8:30), and assists with the Self Defense class on Friday (7-9). He attends the advanced adult class himself on Monday nights (7-8:30) Take a class! Or chat with Tatsuo after class! Or maybe you're there to spar with him.
WARNINGS: Violence? But like, friendly violence. It's full-contact karate.

From the outside, the Utsuki Dojo is a rather plain looking building. )


Jun. 14th, 2017 02:20 pm
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WHO: Freya and Penelope
WHERE: Pen's place
WHEN: 6/13
WHAT: Real weapons and a tomato monster and maybe magic. What could go wrong?
WARNINGS: None yet.

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WHO: Mohammed, Tuuri, and you
WHERE: Recolle Zoo and Aquarium
WHEN: June 11th
WHAT: Two friends visit the zoo to have some summer fun. One of them spends most of the time complaining about the heat.
WARNINGS: Prompts A and B are three-person threads, and Prompt D are for two-person threads

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Jun. 11th, 2017 11:17 pm
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WHO: Kazuhira Miller OTA
WHERE: Majima's club
WHEN: Ambiguously during this month
WHAT: Miller took a bet that he'd wear a cheerleader outfit
WARNINGS: Not much beyond a dude dressed ridiculously, possibly a memory or two.

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WHO: Fai and Orion
WHERE: Orion's apartment
WHEN: 6/11
WHAT: Orion has a breakdown from his hallucinations
WARNINGS: Alcoholism; Schizophrenic episode(s); Probably self-esteem issues; will update as needed.

Sometimes I think of letting go and never looking back. )