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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:24 pm
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WHO: Derek Matthews and YOU
WHERE: All over Recolle
WHEN: April 1st- 14th
WARNINGS: There is one prompt with Derek hearing voices. Don't choose that one if that's not your thing. Also Fire, a very emotional Derek, and watching Derek's own magic kick his butt. Derek might use magic on your character!

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WHO: Togusa (guest starring Koutarou) and you
WHERE: Back in Recolle
WHEN: 3/14
WHAT: Togusa has gotten back his worst memory yet: he thinks he knows how the other Togusa died.
WARNINGS: Description and discussion of suicide and gun violence at minimum.
BACKGROUND MUSIC: https://youtu.be/AuWosgXzrs4

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WHO: eren + crow & rean at different invervals
WHERE: recollé woods! eren has a spot.
WHEN: throughout march
WHAT: (it’s our very own training montage)
WARNINGS: probably violence or mentions of it

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WHO: Rean Schwarzer, totally not Crow Armbrust hiding some distance away and anyone who wants to date this loser
WHERE: Various eating establishments around Recollé
WHEN: Anywhere between 2/6 - 2/13
WHAT: Who wants to date Rean Schwarzer? It's not going anywhere, but at least you can get a free meal out of it?

he can't believe Crow set him up for this. )
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When: 2/10 and onwards, night time.
Where: Togusa's office or apartment.

Togusa has been, for lack of a better term, jumpy. Not only is he suffering from the dual-sided effects of whatever this new effect is? But now, he is trying to avoid people. Difficult when he is being driven to be as helpful as possible. But every time he looks up at someone, he will flinch, at first, looking at their face, before he can focus on them.

It's driving him to be even more reclusive at night time, picking his office most often to hole up with his notes. Or sometimes going home to spread out across his coffee table. The extra copy of Catcher In The Rye is always open, nearby, to a specific page.

Part 25: "Just so people didn't know me and I didn't know anybody. I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes."

He needs to talk to James. And to Mariko. But how does he bring this up to Mariko so late? She has her own problems to deal with right now.

Whenever he stops paying attention, a certain image keeps getting doodled onto whatever piece of paper is nearby.
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WHO: James, Li-Na, Derek, Zee, and anyone else!
WHERE: Zee's office, then Derek's apartment
WHEN: late on 2/5 through 2/12
WHAT: just a bit of light kidnapping!
WARNINGS: none yet

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WHO: Mariko Aramaki and YOU
WHERE: Around different parts of recolle
WHEN:First week of February
WHAT:Retrospec has given Mariko a new trick called a cyberbrain and man, is she not happy about it.
WARNINGS:Depiction of what will look like sudden disorientation and disassociation, voices in head.

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WHO: the Geteilts
WHERE: IHOP because there's nothing like dramatic family meetings over pancakes
WHEN: 02/03
WHAT: It's a family get-together! Clearly this can only go well.
WARNINGS: Probably language, possibly family nastiness. Also possible mention of things like body horror since Drakengard is just like that.

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WHO: Sakura Kinomoto, OPEN
WHERE: Aquarium
WHEN: Early Feb
WHAT: Sakura gets a sensory component with her remembering capturing the Aqua Clear Card. This results in her suddenly being teleported to the aquarium with the turtles and (temporarily) be able to control the water until she leaves.
WARNINGS: None so far beyond water?

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WHO: Derek, Tatsuo, and Anyone else who is sad Japan lost Asia Cup 2019
WHERE: Some low key Izakaya in Tribunal Terrace
WHEN:Early to late evening (after 5pm) Feb 1, 2019
WHAT: Japan lost Asia Cup and Derek is being a supportive friend and helping Tatsuo mourn
WARNINGS: Drinking, alcohol, drunken crying, which will probably carry over into the Retrospec post

Alcohol is the only solution to when your team looses Asia Cup. )
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WHO: Everyone in Recollé, plus some special guests
WHERE: The meme comm, but also the city of Recollé
WHEN: January 17th, 9pm EST to 2/1
WHAT: Event Part 2!

Event Log Part Two has been posted on the meme comm to allow for our TDM participants to tag. Please head over there, tag around, and top-level at your leisure!
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WHO: Togusa and people!
WHERE: The hospital, oops.
WHEN: January 7th and onwards.
WHAT: Togusa got shot, he's in the hospital, and finally knows how his Other got shot.
WARNINGS: Discussion of violence, medical treatment, and the like.

The news probably didn't take long to reach a lot of people. Togusa got brought to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Togusa's official story is that he got shot stopping an opportunistic mugger trying to steal things in the chaos of the fire. So what actually happened?
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WHO: Akira Turner (Light Yagami), Akira Kurusu, Goro Akechi, Yusuke Kitagawa, Elliot Craig, James Barnes, Tatsuo, Eren Jaeger, Derek Matthews
WHERE: Light Yagami's Murder Palace
WHEN: December 10th through December 25th
WHAT: Akira Turner AKA Light Yagami's ego has amassed in the creation of a Palace.
WARNINGS: Violence, talks of crime, death, punishment, murder

No faith in your world // Create my own to thrive // We pray, pray for the light to reign // We call, we call the day )
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WHO: Mochi House (Akira Kurusu, Yusuke Kitagawa, Goro Akechi, and Elliot Craig)
WHERE: Magatus
WHEN: backdated to 12/8
WHAT: They went shopping and got teleported by snowflake statues to Magatus. Here, they encounter wintry creatures and the yeti, then have to compete for the best snowman sculpture.
WARNINGS: NONE... Will update if anything comes up.

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