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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:24 pm
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WHO: Yato, a whole lot of hired thugs, and you!
WHERE: all around Recolle
WHEN: late April, sometime after the charity event (April 22)
WHAT: Yato is hounded by thugs of pre-Recolle past. Shady situations, lots of chasing, and a good old-fashioned beatdown ensue.
WARNINGS: Violence. PG-13, tops?

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WHO: Hitori Togusa and James Barnes
WHERE: The Deadeye Shooting Range
WHEN: April 21
WHAT: James and Togusa using James' tickets to the shooting range.
WARNINGS: Overly lengthy explanations of guns because I'm a nerd?

Barnes had won those tickets to the shooting range in a raffle, but he needed an adult to go with him. Since Togusa has a membership to the range, he figured he was a good choice to go with him. And, frankly, he likes Barnes, but needs to get to know him better. If he's going to insist on continuing to look into Retrospec? He could use the help.

Togusa shows up after work, but he's changed out of his uniform, and the service pistol is in the car. Barnes is getting Hitori, here, not Officer Togusa. (Because the kid keeps putting his foot in his mouth every time he gets reminded that Togusa is a cop, so maybe it'll help him calm down a little.)

Togusa raises a hand in greeting when he arrives, then holds it out to shake. "James. Good to finally meet you in person, hunh?"
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WHO: Dante, Ritsu, Isa, Naoto, Gabranth, Togusa, Juzo, Fynn, and Ardyn
WHERE: Around town, the Recollé Art Museum, the Recollé Police Department
WHEN: Forward-dated to April 27th
WHAT: Bad friends, bad decisions, bad results. Dante tries to help out a pal and ends up in police custody as the RPD captures the wrong guy. Shenanigans ensue! Don't piss off the police force, folks.
WARNINGS: None ATM, will edit if any come up!

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WHO: Rachel Hishimura and YOU
WHERE: Tribunal Terrace (General Hospital), Apprassage, Tisse (Expressive)
WHEN: Anytime in the final two weeks of April
WHAT: Various; one on one prompts also included
WARNINGS: None, will edit if they come up

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WHO: Izuku, Anya, Karkat, Yuri, Maya, and Rachel
WHERE: Some fancy restaurant in Tisse
WHEN: 4/13
WHAT: Izuku won a fancy dinner with guests at the Food Truck Rally and it's time to cash in on it.

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WHO: Lucy and you!
WHERE: Various points in Tisse, Enprise, and Birch Hills
WHEN: Ambiguously the 19th
WHAT: A regain reaction log! Visiting an arcade to forget the Retrospec experience for awhile! Dumpster diving at a woodworking shop! Bringing this weird clock home for the roommates to see...?
WARNINGS: Lucy (ie language, crankiness, contents may contain casual threats of violence, etc)

A. Tisse, Hubbub Hub Arcade )
B. Enprise, outside a woodworking shop somewhere )
C. Birch Hills Apartment (closed to roommates) )
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WHO: Dreadful Women's Adventure Club
WHERE: Escape Mechanisms in Tisse
WHEN: April 16th
WHAT: April's DWAC adventure is at a 1920s speakeasy escape room! Please sign up here to join the club!
WARNINGS: Lots of text. I'm so sorry. To make things easier, this log is going to have pre-established toplevels for each puzzle that everyone can freely tag into, since I'm going on the assumption that the club will be working as one big group. Feel free to make your own toplevels for the accidentally breaking things prompt, the running out of time prompt, and the post escape room prompt, though. And don't hesitate to PM me at [plurk.com profile] raynestorm with any questions about the puzzles. I hope you have fun with this month's log! ♥

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Apr. 15th, 2017 10:56 pm
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WHO: Ainsley & Koutarou
WHERE: A pasta restaurant
WHEN: 4/11
WHAT: Coworkers having dinner.
WARNINGS: n/a at the moment

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Apr. 15th, 2017 02:51 pm
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WHO: Koutarou & open
WHERE: Recollé Square, Grocery store & flower shop.
WHEN: 4/15-21  (and other days for 2)
WHAT: After getting a weird gift from Retrospec, Koutarou needs some distraction by drawing. Also staring at fruits and buying flowers.
WARNINGS: None at the moment.

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WHO: Karl & Judah, then Karl & Yukiko
WHERE: St's Anthony's
WHEN: 4/9 (Palm Sunday)
WHAT: Father Karl ironically spends the first day of Holy Week having spiritual discussions with people who are manifestly not his coreligionists.
WARNINGS: Religious shit out the wazoo, mentions of suicide.


Apr. 14th, 2017 09:47 pm
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WHO: Juzo and you!
WHERE: Various locations
WHEN: 4/14
WHAT: It's his birthday!
WARNINGS: Language

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WHO: Souji and youuuuuuuuuuu
WHERE: Recolle Square
WHEN: 03/13 - all day
WHAT: Pretending to be an old man, a quarter for jokes, actually a serious prompt to talk about regains, oh my
WARNINGS: Nooooothing
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WHO: Minako, Ryoji, and Lucy
WHERE: Peach Beach and the boardwalk
WHEN: Arbitrarily backdated to April 8th
WHAT: Lucy makes good on the promise of meeting Ryoji just once.
WARNINGS: Lucy Takada, probably.

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WHO: Viktor, Yuuri, anybody else who wants to eavesdrop or threadcrash and make them suffer
WHERE: Dance!!! Studio
WHEN: 4/10, around noon
WHAT: Catching up and opening some ~mysterious~ packages from Retrospec

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WHO: Soujirou Satsuma and Yasusada Tomato
WHERE: Yamato's mom's place, in his room
WHEN: Evening of the 7th
WHAT: Soujirou needs to distract himself from awful stabby memories, Yasusada needs to distract himself from falling out with Kashuu. Possibly they can distract themselves by trying to distract the other one? IDK it's worth a shot.
WARNINGS: Possible references to violence with these two? Nothing else.


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WHO: Minako Arisato and YOU!
WHERE: Deadeye Shooting Range, Hollingberry Field late at night, and the Towers
WHEN: Early to mid April for regain prompts, mid April for dress prompt
WHAT: Minako gets more presents from Retrospec in the form of weapons. Later in the month, she's out dress hunting for the upcoming charity event.
WARNINGS: Content warning for gun talk. May add more later if Minako gets some Evoker memory regains.

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