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Nov. 23rd, 2016 09:24 pm
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WHO: Open to everyone!
WHERE: Recolle Convention Centre
WHEN: Thursday, July 27, to Sunday, July 30
WHAT: ReConvention!!!!
WARNINGS: None except probably something along the lines of everything happen so much. If it changes though, please let me know and I will edit that in!

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Jul. 27th, 2017 10:35 am
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WHO: Noctis and Dante
WHERE: Around town.
WHEN: 7/27
WHAT: For once, Noctis gets out on his own and Dante shows him how to get lit, I guess. Idk.
WARNINGS: God, who knows? I'll update this accordingly.

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WHO: Yuri Plisetsky & Kiyomitsu Kashuu & then anyone at Inkwell
WHERE: ... the Inkwell... I hope
WHEN: Evening July 29th
WHAT: Yuri and Kashuu get into a tango dance off
WARNINGS: Idiots being Idiots

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WHO: Kiryu + other people!
WHERE: all around the city
WHEN: all month long
WHAT: last week to do bingos, time to gun it

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WHO: Yu, and ... like, whoever manages to actually convince him to talk to them. There's both open and closed prompts below!
WHERE: Around the city.
WHEN: Monday though Wednesday, the 24th through the 26th of July.
WHAT: This happened. For many reasons, Yu is Not Okay.
WARNINGS: Talk of death, probably?

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WHO: Ragna and others! And that includes you.
WHERE: Everywhere.
WHEN: Throughout July.
WARNINGS: Ragna, so lots of swearing, probably.

[Belated catchall for stuff that hasn't gone elsewhere. Will contain both open and closed prompts that has been already discussed earlier. For reference, bingo sheet is here! If you'd be interested in arranging something, feel free to hit me up via PM or over at [plurk.com profile] psychelocks.]
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WHO: Zoro, Inkwell Buds and select others
WHERE: The Inkwell ~*After Hours*~
WHEN: Uhhh this past weekend at some point.....,..
WHAT: zoro's throwing a big crazy party because he just wants to throw a big crazy party in a small space. then he gets depression i guess.
WARNINGS: a lot. of alcohol.

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WHO: David and Yoon-sung
WHEN: One weekend where they're not working on bingo prompts
WHAT: What should've been just a simple beta test for a boss fight gets stupid real quick. aka David starts getting memories of being not exactly human.
WARNINGS: Mentions of and perceived body horror, otherwise pretty innocuous.

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WHO: Dante + lots of people!
WHERE: All over the city
WHEN: Throughout July
WHAT: Bingo catch-all finally ahahaha
WARNINGS: N... one I don't think; will edit if necessary!

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WHO: Carmen Sandiego and YOU!
WHERE: Various: the Deadeye Shooting Range, the Recollé Rec and Fitness Center, Recollé University's Art Department, and a bonus at the Sandiego Foundation in Enprise.
WHEN: Sunday, July 23!
WHAT: A day in the life of Carmen Sandiego, including but not limited to the search for a sketch artist, some wildly extra athletic activity, and an opportunity for taking the first step toward becoming a Level 4 Friend and unlocking her Tragic Backstory. Also includes one (1) adorable cat.
WARNINGS: None that I can immediately think of? I'll warn in individual threads if topics come up that would necessitate it!

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WHO: Freya and various others
WHERE: Also varies
WHEN: Late July and onward
WHAT: Vaaaries
WARNINGS: Violence in one thread when dragons get involved

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WHO: Kaiba, Fai, and anyone who has CR with them or can find a good reason to stumble into this mess
WHERE: Fai's apartment, anywhere Kaiba might be roaming to~
WHEN: Saturday, July 22 and possibly onward
WHAT: The local tabloids and a popular gossip blog have taken an interest in our favorite gaming CEO, since the convention is only a week away, and look at all this fun information they dug up! Or, certain details about Fai's past get shared for the whole city to see and he has a bit of a nervous breakdown. Friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or really anyone who knows them are welcome to contact or go visit Kaiba or Fai and deal with the fallout.
WARNINGS: Mentions of sex work, possibly some shaming of sex work, and someone having a panic/negative reaction to all of this. Also probably lots of crying. Recolle: the Soap Opera, continues.

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WHERE: Around town
WHEN: Throughout the month
WHAT: Li-Na working at Expressive, practicing at Dance!!, wandering around town + various bingo squares

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WHO: Tatsuo Kihara + OPEN
WHERE: Around town
WHEN: Throughout the month
WHAT: Gun safety/shooting lessons + pranking Togusa + various bingo squares

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WHO: Souji and youuuuuuuuuuu
WHERE: Everywhere
WHEN: 07/21 - 07/23
WHAT: Souji is severely sleep deprived because of Bad Memories and New Powers so comes disaster
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WHO: Soujirou & You & also some people
WHERE: All over the place
WHEN: Varying dates during July
WHAT: Belated Bingo things, general catchall 

[As soon as he'd received the mysterious bingo thing, Soujirou had immediately sat down with it like any grownass adult would and tried to work out the best way to win. Some things were fairly quickly nixed, mainly things concerning unnecessary sharing of feelings. Unless he can find a way to work around them, he's not interested. But happily, that leaves plenty of options that are potentially dangerous or just plain dumb, and that suits Soujirou far better.]

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WHO: Yato and you!
WHERE: Outside of Recolle Jail, various
WHEN: Saturday, July 15 (backdated)
WHAT: Yato springs himself out of jail and grapples with weightlessness to the inconvenience of all.

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WHO: Transcend Game staff, and anyone who has significant enough CR with Kaiba I guess? Or you could drive by and popcorn.
WHERE: Transcend Game's offices, and then subsequently the hospital
WHEN: Thursday, 20 July - Friday, 21 July
WHAT: What is supposed to be a staff briefing for the Convention ends up a disaster when Kaiba spontaneously collapses.
WARNINGS: For later? Descriptions and depictions of extremely unhealthy sleeping and eating habits. Please don't try this at home.

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WHO: whoever wants to show off beach monster videos. or other home videos. or youtube videos. dave is not picky in the least?
WHERE: the park in front of a makeshift screen for a borrowed projector
WHEN: later in the evening on wednesday when it is dark enough to be fun
WHAT: showing off monster videos for fun and zero profit
WARNINGS: stupidity probably

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